Reflections on 20 Years of Marriage

Today is our 20th anniversary. Reflections.

(yes, there have been many celebrations within our family in the last few days and there are more coming up, for which we are so incredibly grateful to Hashem for, but I鈥檓 not gonna let another blessed celebration go by without a little focus and attention. And on that note, pardon any typos as that has not been much sleep lately LOL聽馃檪.)

诪指爪指讗 讗执砖指旨讈讛 诪指爪指讗 讟讜止讘 讜址讬指旨驻侄拽 专指爪讜止谉 诪值讬职讛讜指讛.

Proverbs 18:22

Loose translation: One who finds a woman finds good and he will produce (good) will from G-d.

But how do you know if you found a good woman? On a certain level it is a Soul connection… that you can feel immediately.

Another good test is to see if it stands the test of time. 20 years is a pretty darn good start. Though I am gunning for another 80 at least….

Loving this roller coaster ride with you…

Here are 20 musings on 20 years…

1. Happiness is a journey, not always a destination. Let鈥檚 keep on journeying together.
2. What doesn鈥檛 kill you, makes you stronger is actually a true statement.
3. Personal independent growth, helps a marriage grow stronger.
4. As long as there is respect, you can get through anything.
5. Kids are to a marriage what harmony is to music. Sometimes the music is off key, sometimes the harmony is聽馃檪.
6. Vacationing together is glue for a marriage.
7. Vacationing not together, with friends, is too.
8. This may be old fashioned but she still hasn鈥檛 taken out the garbage in 20 years.
9. 鈥淭hings鈥 are great, 鈥渆xperiences鈥 can be greater. Both is the best.
10. Pushing each other to be our best selves is working.
11. If you are not growing, you are receding.
12. Laughter, laughter and more laughter, balm for the soul.
13. When you love the person you are with, a pimple looks like a dimple.
14. A happy loving marriage is the best gift you can give your children.
15. Pretty much everything in life is unreliable, your marriage shouldn鈥檛 be.
16. Feeling heard is as important as being right.
17. 鈥淚 am not feeling heard鈥, is better than why aren鈥檛 you listening to me?
18. If you cannot quite muster up the words 鈥淚 am sorry,鈥 鈥淔air enough鈥 is a pretty decent second best…
19. In the beginning we talked about people. Later about thing, now we are talking about ideas. This is best.
20. i鈥檓 leaving this one blank opening space for others to share theirs….

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