The New IOS

The New IOS 

I was listening to a recent tech podcast, (I am nerdy like that) where they were analyzing the virtues of the latest Iphone XS versus the latest Samsung 9 plus. They analyzed screen size and operating systems, and which one the expert would use for video and game streaming etc.

Then the interviewee said something that stuck with me. He said “Apple’s Ecosystem works really well in helping you toggle in between devices.’ If you are not an apple lover, this is annoying, but if you are part of their ecosystem, the integration between all their products make transitioning and embracing the new stuff very user friendly.”

Meaning, if you have your contacts on your Iphone, you can use them on your Mac Computer, and Ipad etc. In fact, I’ve seen that in action. Until I split them apart, when my cell phone would ring, it sounded like a fire alarm went off in the house. With phones, Ipods, Ipads, Macbooks etc. fake watches all buzzing as they were linked.

It is a pretty exciting stuff, if you are a Luddite trying to take advantage of the ever increasing introduction of newer and better technology.

This has been stuck in my head for a few days and now I think I know why.

I think this is a great model for the another great IOS, and that would be the Gdly or Infinite Ones System.

You see, Hashem in his majesty also created His own ecosystem. A system where everything integrates. In this case however, it is more than devices and data that synchronize, but it is life, family, children, health, wealth and beyond. When things are working, it is an entire ecosystem that designed improve and integrate all areas of your life.

Not unlike Apple, Hashem wants to be in control of everything. Gd is in charge of our health, our wealth, our successes and even our failures.

Gd pretty much says, if you are in my ecosystem, I will handle all your needs. I will update, and upgrade, guide and counsel and do what you need to succeed.

At times, you may find out that a feature is not available, meaning, for now the answer to your request is no.

At other times you may find that you can get what you want, but you need to make an appointment at the (like at the Apple) store even if there is a long wait. There are times when I will be available to you, exclusively, like at times of prayer and the like. When it is your turn, kind and courteous people will guide you and help you.

The people that help you will possibly not look like anything you expected, perhaps they will have hair colors and other features that might be what you’d least  expect, but they will help you nonetheless. Meaning your help will come even if it is from sources and people you’d last think could help you.

Because if you are in the IOS – the Infinite One’s ecoSystem, everything is super integrated and ends well.

We can run with this a step further, or let’s take this to the next generation, if you will…  While Apple doesn’t have much a reward point system, they do have a way of keeping brand loyalty and taking care of their own.

They will do a lot to woo you in, and keep you there once you’ve joined.

Ironically,  Gd works in a lot the same way.

Gd invites us into His world, he tells us that once you’ve let me in, if you truly embrace me, I will take care of my own. I spread my love and vision to the whole world, not only my ecosystem. However, should you enter my ecosystem, well, lets just say, I am into brand loyalty. I take care of my own.



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