Hating Hate

This blog is dedicated to the Jews massacred in Pittsburgh, the Jews in Israel dodging rockets, the Jews on the North Shore scared by the swastikas and blown out windows by BB bullets, and Jews around the world that are scared by what appears to be an old trend creeping back in – Jew Hatred

I hate, hate.

I hate having to hate.

The haters love to hate, as much as I hate to hate.

To have so much hate that you will go and wantonly destroy other people’s property and and mark up spaces with symbols of hate, requires a lot of hate

To have so much hate, that you can willfully, unprovoked, cause death and destruction, to both structure and humans, well, that’s whole a lot of hate. The willful taking of a parent from a child, a spouse from his or her beloved, or a child from a parent requires so much hate.

I don’t know how to hate like that. I received no training on how to hate like the haters that hate. How do I combat that hate, if I cannot hate like them?

We are told to spread light in the face of darkness, but does unending lightness and kindness put a damper on hate? History has not shown this to work effectively. You can combat pain with love. Anger with joy. Resentment with charity. But can you respond to hate with love?

Does love really kill hate? Do haters want to hate? Do they hate that they are filled with hate? Would they like their own hate to end? Would the haters even know that I responded to their hate with love?

I hate that people don’t call hate for what it is; hate. I hate that people are in denial and refuse to see the hate that is staring at them in the face. They give the hate a different title. They call the hate by a different name, thus making it impossible to react to it accordingly. If you can’t call it by its name how can you get rid of it?

I hate that my children are growing up in a world that cannot reign in its own fellow humans. A (secret) society that glorifies fear, pain and suffering of others as a goal unto itself.

I hate that Jews (and others) have to be afraid when it seemed we had matured as a nation beyond this kind of stuff.

I hate that this conversation is even necessary. That’s what I hate.

I hate that we are divided.

I love that there is hope. I love that there are lovers out there. I love that I am not defined by the hate or the haters. I love that I can choose my response to their hate. I love that I can control what I do with their toxic infusion of hate. I love that I choose to turn that poison into medicine. To cure with the ingredients that they intended for harm. I have a lot of love in me. I still have some hate as well.

I hate that there is so much hate, but I’d hate for you to mistakenly assume that my hatred of hate will make me accept the hate.

Oh no, sorry Mr and Mrs Hater, you have not seen the last of me yet. We will eradicate you like the cancer that you are. We will remove you and all your friends and relatives for our midst, so  that love and his and her family can replace you.

Goodbye Hate

Hello Love


Blog 8/52

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